Circle it Forward

The Women’s Circle just isn’t the same as it used to be.

Attendance at our signature program, Wednesday’s Caffeine for the Soul, has doubled in the last year and more and more women are crowding into special events. New ideas are being bounced around. Even the location has changed.

But that’s the thing. We’re a Circle. So a few more women mean pushing our chairs back and sliding in extras. It means opening our minds to new ideas and friends. It means that we can circle it forward. And really, that’s what we do best.

The Women’s Circle has rolled so far since its early days in 2012. Then, a few moms banded together to learn Chassidus, connect as a unit, and stay inspired on their journeys. All that happened, and as our community strengthened and grew, so did the intensity of our mission.

We are entering our eighth year of community building here in Crown Heights and now, more than ever, we are watching our initial investment circle forward. The babies who took their first steps amidst our toys and talks are studying in elementary school. The sichas we learned in those early days have shaped our homes and our blocks. Most dramatically, it is the women who come, the regulars and the drop-ins, who have developed a rapport that is mutually inspiring and challenging. We are circling it forward.

So it’s not the same as it was all those Wednesdays ago. That’s a good thing. And despite its growth, or perhaps because of it, the Circle of Women is only tighter and more powerful than ever.

We are growing. We need your help. Join us, as we Circle into a new year and keep advancing forward.

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