SHKOLIM GIRLS EMERGENCY FUND: 3 Girls Alone After Losing Both Parents
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Hi, My name’s Chani. When we were little, our dad left our lives forever. Our mom was with us through everything. A few months ago, something horrible happened: she got very sick with cancer. She dealt with painful treatments, and we suffered with her. Recently, she passed away. We lost the only parent we had left. Our littlest sister is only 13 years old.

Now we are three young girls, left behind. In pain ... shocked ... confused. Our older sister helps as much as she can but she has her own family to look after. Our lives have been broken into a million pieces.

We really need help. We don't have any money to take care ourselves. Some kids have parents, but we only have each other … and you, if you can help us. Thank you. With a broken heart, Chani Shkolim

Donations can also be made to Kupat Ha'Ir foundation # 7087

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