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Hello, my name is Nurit. I’m 18 years old. I was born into a complicated family situation. When I was still a little girl, my parents left me, and I was entered into the foster home system. From family to family, I was passed.

When I got engaged to a bochur from Yerushalayim, it seemed like everything was going to be okay. But then reality sank in: my foster family is painfully poor. They can’t help me afford anything for my wedding. I have no other family.

When Rebbetzin Kolodetsky came to my town, I told her my story. I cried on her shoulder and she told me: Don’t give up, Nurit! We will get you the help that you need.

Baruch Hashem that is why she is helping me by putting her name on this campaign, to try to open the hearts of klal yisroel to my pain. Rav Chaim Kanievsky has also given his support to all who help me, saying that I am a true orphan and that is a great mitzvah to help me. It is very overwhelming, after a life of loneliness and pain, to have the support of two of the leaders of the Jewish people.

I am not asking for anything that a girl with parents wouldn’t get -- I just want to get married with dignity, to buy the things a kallah needs, to have a home stocked with the things you might think are basic but that I dream of affording: like a fridge, an oven, food for shabbos and the chagim.

Please, my wedding date is coming, and I cry myself to sleep from fear each night.

Hashem should bless you. Thank you. Nurit.

Rebbetzin Kolodetsky's letter to klal yisroel:

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