Bring back my daughters to Israel

I am a French-American born jew, married 3 years ago with a Colombian orthodox convert (her giur was validated with the Rabbanut in Israel). B'H We made aliyah last March 2018, and now we live in the Haredi Community of Beit Shemesh, Israel with our four months baby girl.

We are presently dealing with a very sad experience related to my wife's two teenage daughters from her previous marriage, they are living in Colombia with their biological father, and we wanted them to be allowed by Misrad Hapnim to come here visiting us, but the two kids have been sent back to Colombia by mistake of an immigration agent who abusively refused them entry to Israel when they arrived at Ben Gurion Airport on last November 29th to visit us for vacation, and most importantly meeting for the first time with their new Israeli baby sister born just few months ago in Jerusalem.

We had to retain a lawyer who is now defending our legitimate rights; but as we already lost all the money for their first round trip for nothing, we need again to book and purchase two new plane tickets that we cannot afford paying these days, due to all expenses we had to cover for convincing Israel Ministry of Interior that as new Olim, we are rightfully entitled to welcome our teenage daughters for a short visit here (we could even request residence for them with us in Israel if we wanted, but this is not our plan).

We are looking for donations to help us to meet with them again in Israel. An article in Haaretz newspaper was written by Judy Maltz (December 31st) to expose several abusive mistakes made against us by employees of the Ministry of Interior (see link).

Please help us to comfort our two young daughters that are still shocked from this very traumatic unfortunate experience.

Thank you so much!

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