Where do i begin?

How can I accurately describe a situation so bleak that it will hopefully open your hearts and wallets wide?

A heimishe yingerman in Yerushalayim is marrying off his daughter

(Nuuu…. so am I! Are you thinking that?)

He works a day job and a night job – many hours

(16 or more in busy season) of hard work.

(Can you still compete ?)

To top it all off,

he supports his daughter and her two children due to unfortunate circumstances.

(I hope you aren’t!)

His meager salaries don’t cover his day to day needs – which aren’t at all large – he uses next to nothing for himself. Making chasuna is totally out of his realm. Despite the loans he’s taken he is still short of so much. This fact is robbing him of his menuchas hanefesh.

Please respond generously to this ehrliche Talmud chochom who selflessly does so much for the Klal. About twenty years ago he set up a hachnasos orchim location with one hundred beds which he keeps up and running, all l’shem mitzvah (this in addition to the 16 hours spent working to support his families). Difficult people are personal guests at his table. He always has a ready smile for everyone which right now is nowhere to be found due to the situation he finds himself in.

Lets Return the smile to his face!

Return him to the people he helps.

You have the power!

Solve his private problem and he’ll once again devote himself to the public’s needs with his whole heart and mind. You will have merited to gladden many hearts and true mitzvas tzedakah.

May you always be zoche to be on the giving end, Amen!

Time is of essence. The wedding is to take place in just a few short days.

Don’t delay !! Respond today !!

Tizku l’mitzvos

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